North American hickory having loose grey shaggy bark and edible nuts
Hypernyms: ↑hickory, ↑hickory tree
Member Holonyms: ↑Carya, ↑genus Carya
Part Meronyms: ↑hickory nut

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(Carya alba)

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  • Shagbark — Shag bark , n. (Bot.) A rough barked species of hickory ({Carya alba}), its nut. Called also {shellbark}. See {Hickory}. (b) The West Indian {Pithecolobium micradenium}, a legiminous tree with a red coiled up pod. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • shagbark — ☆ shagbark [shag′bärk΄ ] n. 1. a hickory tree (Carya ovata) with gray, loose, rough bark 2. its wood 3. its edible nut …   English World dictionary

  • shagbark — /ˈʃægbak/ (say shagbahk) noun US 1. Also, shagbark hickory. a species of hickory, Carya ovata, with rough bark, yielding light coloured, ellipsoidal, slightly angular nuts, but most valued for its wood. 2. Also, shagbark hickory. the wood. 3. the …   Australian English dictionary

  • shagbark — noun Date: 1777 shagbark hickory …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • shagbark — /shag bahrk /, n. 1. a hickory, Carya ovata, having rough, shaggy bark and yielding a valuable wood. 2. the wood. 3. the ellipsoidal, slightly angular nut of this tree. Also called shagbark hickory (for defs. 1, 2). [1685 95; SHAG(GY) + BARK2] *… …   Universalium

  • shagbark — n. Shellbark (Carya alba) …   New dictionary of synonyms

  • shagbark — shag•bark [[t]ˈʃægˌbɑrk[/t]] n. 1) pln a hickory, Carya ovata, having a coarse, shaggy bark 2) pln the rounded, ribbed, edible nut of this tree Also called shag′bark hick ory (for defs. 1, 2) …   From formal English to slang

  • Shagbark hickory — Taxobox name = Shagbark Hickory image width = 240px regnum = Plantae divisio = Magnoliophyta classis = Magnoliopsida ordo = Fagales familia = Juglandaceae genus = Carya species = C. ovata binomial = Carya ovata binomial authority = (Mill.)… …   Wikipedia

  • shagbark hickory — baltoji karija statusas T sritis vardynas apibrėžtis Riešutmedinių šeimos maistinis, medieninis augalas (Carya ovata), paplitęs Šiaurės Amerikoje. atitikmenys: lot. Carya ovata angl. hickory; little shagbark; mockernut; shagbark hickory;… …   Lithuanian dictionary (lietuvių žodynas)

  • shagbark hickory — skiltėtoji karija statusas T sritis vardynas apibrėžtis Riešutmedinių šeimos medieninis augalas (Carya laciniosa), paplitęs Šiaurės Amerikoje. atitikmenys: lot. Carya laciniosa angl. big shellbark; kingnut; shagbark hickory; shellbark hickory… …   Lithuanian dictionary (lietuvių žodynas)

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